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Twitter Cops Fight Food-Based Twitter Offenses [video]

Here's "Twitter Cops," a hilarious send-up of the TV show COPS by Landline TV, where a group of vigilantes try to protect "people from posts that no one wants to read" that include "irreverant food offenses." After they break into some guy's house: "Are these your Cheetos? Are you writing about them on the internet? [...]

Video: The Baker Tweet in Action

The people behind the Baker Tweet posted a video that explains, without words, how the device works (See the post we ran about it yesterday). The Baker Tweet is, in their words, "a bakery-proof box that sends messages wirelessly to Twitter. The clever bit is that the baker can update their messages and things they're [...]

Baker Tweet Service Alerts You to What's Fresh from the Bakery

Twitter may finally have some actual use: Baker Tweet is a new online service which allows London bakeries to tweet when their bread and pastries are fresh from the oven. Poke London, a digital media company, set up various London bakeries with custom-built receivers that automate and simplify the process, since "bakeries don't want laptops [...]

Food Olds Discover This Is Why You're Fat

Mark Bittman finally discovered This Is Why You're Fat, twittering: "Has everyone but me seen 'this is why you're fat?'"
And because of Bittman, Ruth Reichl saw it for the first time, too! She replies: "@bittman I was much happier NOT having seen that. Thanks so much for sharing. Truly gross."
On to Emily Nunn, twittering: [...]

John Tesh on Restaurant Hygiene

John Tesh, pianist and composer of pop and contemporary Christian music, radio host and six-time Emmy winner, shares some "Intelligence for Your Life" by twittering about the danger that is menus in restaurants:
The menu in restaurants usually tests positive for staph and fecal matter. Think about it: Everyone touches it, no one cleans it.

Fake Steve Buscemi Dines at Masa, Orders Tempura Penguin

The Steve Buscemi twimpostor recently twittered: "wonders why we eat certain animals, and others we don't. Like giraffes, penguins, and beavers." So of course he's off to Masa, the famed sushi restaurant you can't afford ($300 for the chef's omakase lunch or dinner). He twitters:
eating sushi dinner at Masa. Never been. Damn hungry. Going [...]

Restaurant Girl Twimpostor Outed

The man behind the clever and witty but fake @restaurantgirl outs himself: It was Adam Robb, from The Life Vicarious. He first sets up her "bleak" origin story as if she's some sort of comic book hero:
She a functional illiterate who through the freak accident of newspaper syndication received the extraordinary power to cast judgment [...]

Beard Foundation's Lunch Puts Yours to Shame

Times are tough, but not for the Beard Foundation's workers! We know they're always having amazing meals there, but now they're mocking everyone on Twitter, making people feel bad about the sad lunch they just ate:
is that kobe beef i'm smelling wafting up the staircase or American Wagyu Short Ribs?
We're sure they're such astute gastronomes [...]

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