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Food-Inspired Typefaces by HandMadeFont

This is really great: HandMadeFont is an Estonia-based design company that makes typefaces out of everyday objects like fur, fire, thread, post-it notes, and pine needles.
And food. Lots and lots of food: ice, waffles, ground meat, cookies, french fries, ketchup. coffee beans, red peppers, cheese, toast, caviar.
Because they're photo-based, the files they offer are not [...]

Deliscript Typeface

The MyFonts blog tipped us off to Deliscript, a new typeface by Michael Doret inspired by the neon signage of Canter's Deli in Los Angeles.
The fourteen fonts (that come in an alternative set of two enormous OpenType faces) in the family are packed with features, from variable-length tails, lowercase t crossbars that can be extended [...]

Typeface Made From Splashing Milk

This typographical poster by Jónas Valtýsson uses a typeface created by photographing splashing milk. Lactose intolerant typesetters beware. [via Cakehead Loves Evil]

Food-Inspired Typefaces by Vetteletters

Yesterday MyFonts, the online purveyor of fonts, started selling the food-based typefaces of Vetteletters, the type foundry by Dutch designer Donald® aka Donald Roos. The above treatment uses the typeface VLNL Sardines, only $35!

VLNL Bint: Donald made this typeface with ten kilos of fresh Bintje potatoes — the most popular potato for french fries [...]

The Toast Font, by Radomir Tinkov

[Behance, via]

The EatStreet Font, a Font Made Out of Food [video]

Check out the EatStreet font, a font built entirely out of food, using fruit, vegetables, meat, noodles, and even kimchi. Made by the Chank Company, a Minneapolis-based type house, the download even comes with a folder of full-color food-letter jpegs to design with. There's even a video documenting part of the process.

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