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The Ampersandwich T-Shirt

Food meets typography meets fashion in Simplebits' Ampersandwich T-shirt: "A super-soft, 'Tri-Blend' t-shirt in espresso brown from American Apparel, printed with everyone’s favorite logogram (set in Knockout’s Ultra Sumo weight).' $22 at Simplebits.

Sweet Treats: A Typographical Cookbook

Left: Toothsome Typeface Tart. Right: Knockout Hot Chocolate. View larger.
This looks nice: the Sweet Treats, a typographical cookbook by Woodward Design.
Each is hand-numbered from a limited edition of 500. You can see a full preview on Issuu and can buy it at Etsy for $20.

The Journal of Urban Typography

The Journal of Urban Typography features images of text on trucks, buildings, and signs — sort of a NOTCOT but for type nerds. The site describes itself as "dedicated to the documentation and study of signs, word fragments, and typography created with utilitarian intent in urban environments." We couldn't help but notice that some of [...]

The Toast Font, by Radomir Tinkov

[Behance, via]

Typographic Kitchen-Themed Calendar

Lovely. Noa's Calendar 2009. From Helsinki! $35.00! [via]

The EatStreet Font, a Font Made Out of Food [video]

Check out the EatStreet font, a font built entirely out of food, using fruit, vegetables, meat, noodles, and even kimchi. Made by the Chank Company, a Minneapolis-based type house, the download even comes with a folder of full-color food-letter jpegs to design with. There's even a video documenting part of the process.

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