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IACP Adds Three New Categories To Cookbook Awards

The call for entries is underway for the 2010 IACP cookbook awards (omfg have you submitted yet?), and the field has changed just a little with the addition of three new categories. Recognizing the expanding market for kiddie-chefs and family dinner compilations, they've added a Children, Youth, and Family category; Culinary History opens the doors [...]

IACP's Destructively Blind Traditionalism [cookbooks]

Earlier today, we listed this year's winners of the IACP cookbook awards, which were announced on Saturday at an awards ceremony in Denver, Colorado. Eat Me Daily's Books Editor, Helen Rosner, weighs in on how the organization picked the wrong winners, and why that bodes poorly for the future of book publishing.
As an organization, the [...]

Jeffrey Steingarten Is Wrong About The Alinea Cookbook

Alinea vs The Big Fat Duck Cookbook
Jeffrey Steingarten has written the obligatory holiday cookbook roundup essay, and its introductory paragraphs smell faintly of rodent.
His focus is on the three holiday biggies — Thomas Keller’s Under Pressure, Heston Blumenthal’s The Big Fat Duck Cookbook, and Grant Achatz’ Alinea* — and he comes to the blisteringly [...]

Styrofoam Cups in Thomas Keller's Under Pressure [shocker]

From left: Corey Lee, chef du cuisine of the French Laundry, Jonathan Benno, chef de cuisine of per se, Thomas Keller
Flipping through Thomas Keller's Under Pressure (buy at Amazon), we couldn't help but notice the photograph on page 17 of a meeting between Corey Lee, Jonathan Benno, and Thomas Keller — there are two styrofoam [...]

Thomas Keller's Under Pressure by the Numbers

Number of photographs of Thomas Keller that appear in Under Pressure (buy at Amazon), his new cookbook dedicated to the art of sous vide: 10
Number in which he is frowning: 7
Number in which he is smiling: 2
Number in which he is neither frowning nor smiling, but appears to be dancing the macarena: 1 (page [...]

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