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I Love You More Than ______

I Love You More Than ______ is a project by Paperwhite Studio that collects people's answers. It's an attempt to "depart from the cliche Valentines sentiment" to "find out the real things we use as a measuring stick for love."
It's simple: just go their submission page and add yours. They're broken down into fun categories [...]

This Year's Valentine's Candy Conversation Hearts Are Inspired by Food

This year's Valentine's Conversation Hearts. We got our hands on all of them except "Recipe 4 Love" and "Table 4 Two"
Every year, the Necco candy company updates the phrases printed on their ubiquitous Valentine's Day candy hearts, a.k.a. the Sweethearts Conversation Hearts. Serving, often controversially, as a yardstick of the contemporary lexicon, Necco adds new [...]

Anatomically Correct Chocolate Skulls

If you're looking for that special Valentine's Day way to say "without you, my love, I would not be able to eat or smell or see or hear, and also my brains would not have a place to live," allow us to suggest a chocolate skull.
And not just any chocolate skull — a full-size, [...]

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