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Candy Art by Vanessa St. Laurent [food art]

Peeps, 20x40, 2006, Photo by permission.

Gummy Worms and Tums, 20x40, 2006, Photo by permission.
Massachusetts native and contemporary artist Vanessa St. Laurent paints candy (and only candy!) with the imagination of our most vivid childhood dreams. Working in oil on canvas, her creations are colorful, fun, and obviously delectable, swirling candy in a bevy of textures [...]

Food Art: 'Eat the Art' Group Exhibit at BHCC in Boston

Photographs: Andrew Janjigian / Melissa Rivard for Eat Me Daily
Currently on display at the art gallery of the Bunker Hill Community College in Boston is the group exhibit "Eat the Art." The show brings together a metric tonnage of artwork on the theme of food as art, featuring pieces in a variety of media from [...]

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