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Adult Mario: The Super Mario Bros. Emulator That Mixes Drinks Based on In-Game Performance

Alcohol, 8-bit Mario, and vibrators? Adult Mario is a cocktail robotics project for Roboexotica 2009 in Vienna by Nonpolynomial Labs that uses an emulated Super Mario Bros. NES game hooked up to a drink pouring mechanism. Kill an enemy, vodka pours in your cup. Get a coin, and coke gets poured. Whenever you die, the [...]

Upcoming: Food Network's Cook or Be Cooked Video Game

Coming November 3, 2009 is the Food Network's Cook or Be Cooked video game by Namco for the Nintendo Wii ($39.99, preorder at Amazon). Cook or Be Cooked appears to a more "professional" version of the Cooking Mama series of games, but it really couldn't go any lower than the trainwreck that was Iron Chef [...]

iLickit: The First iPhone Game You Can Play With Your Tongue [video]

The concept behind the iLickit game for the iPhone: you have to clean your plate by physically licking the screen of an iPhone or iPod touch. Featuring a “special tongue optimized engine," it's not out on the app store (yet). And yes, this is likely a joke, but bonus points for the creepy sound effects [...]

Rocking Out at the Trader Joe's Meat Aisle

The fine folks at Trader Joe's in Queens at some point put up a display inspired by the music video game Guitar Hero to promote their meat section. The best part? The little bit of tongue the cow has sticking out as he gets his funk on. [via Kotaku]

Video Game Leading Ladies Get in the Kitchen

Image via Ruth Steen on Flickr
The cover of the July/August issue of France's IG magazine has a whole bunch of video game leading ladies cooking up a storm — all amazingly illustrated in the style of Cooking Mama.

Questionably Appropriate Ad for Super Meat Boy

Developers of the indie WiiWare game Super Meat Boy ran a pretty controversial ad in which vegetarians were compared to Hitler — the image was spread to a few gaming blogs (here, here, and here) and was then promptly edited out on the game developer's blog. Whether it's a case of shrewd marketing, reckless kids, [...]

Noby Noby Boy for PS3 from Keita Takahashi, Creator of Katamari Damacy [video]

Noby Noby Boy (のびのびBOY) is a bizarre new game released last week for the PlayStation 3. Designed by Keita Takahashi, the creator of the hugely popular Katamari Damacy series, the player uses the PS3 controller's dual analog sticks to guide Boy, a worm-like quadrupedal character whose front and rear ends operate independently.

The goal is [...]

Review: Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine Game for the Nintendo Wii [video]

I got an early Christmas present the other day — a copy of Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine for the Nintendo Wii. Trailers on the web had it clearly ripping off game design elements from the Cooking Mama series, in which players go through a series of tasks to create a final dish. Cooking Mama [...]

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