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Who the Hell Is Jean-Christophe Novelli?

Photo via

If you were bored and channel surfing at around 11pm Monday night you might have come across Bravo’s latest addition to its foodie lineup: Chef Academy. A supposedly non-competitive show (though if you fail three tests you will be kicked off), it's hosted by the pouty, perfectly coiffed, very French Jean-Christophe Novelli, a [...]

Terrifying Deep-Fried Gasping Fish Video

This video of a deep-fried yet still-gasping fish at a restaurant located in, we think, China is truly one of the most unsettling things we've seen. Thanks to its origins on the oft-playful Buzzfeed, we assumed this might have been a gag, that the joke was that this writhing creature was an animatronic robot or [...]

Burger Off Between Josh Capon, Tim McGraw, Jimmy Fallon

Last night Josh Capon, the chef at Lure Fishbar in New York City, paid a visit to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to participate in an improbable "Burger Off" between himself, Jimmy Fallon, and country musician Tim McGraw. Capon, emboldened by having won the People's Choice award at this year's NYCWFF Burger Bash, tells Fallon, [...]

'Steak Filter v0' by Noah Feehan/AKA

Steak Filter v0 - init from AKA MEDIA SYSTEM on Vimeo.

We run across a lot of food art in the course of our day, but Noah Feehan's video art piece "Steak Filter v0" is unlike anything we've seen. In this visually abstract piece, a video signal is passed through a raw steak as it cooks, [...]

TCHO's Design and Branding Strategy

Here's the short video "How do you build a chocolate brand?" about the design and brand development for TCHO, the San Francisco chocolate company, by the design firm Edenspiekermann. See their website for more images.

Rachael Ray on The Martha Stewart Show Makes for Some Uncomfortable Television [video]

Last Friday Rachael Ray visited The Martha Stewart Show, following Martha Stewart's appearance on The Rachael Ray Show the previous day. The setup: Martha showing Rachael Ray how to make a pie. And it was all rather awkward! Even though Martha dismissed any animosity or feud, she had a hard time being nice, coming off [...]

'A Lady's Guide to Throwing a Party' from Saturday Night Live

Last night's Saturday Night Live was pretty much a dud, but the 1960s-style advice filmstrip "A Lady's Guide to Throwing a Party" parody with January Jones was funny, reminding us of vintage (and long-forgotten) party foods like a shrimp salad stuffed-pineapple and a beef and marshmallow aspic:

Janet's Homemade Chicken Plucking Machine [video]

This video of a homemade chicken plucking machine in action is pretty astounding, in that it takes about 90 seconds to fully defeather a bird. It was built using the advice from Herrick Kimball's Anyone Can Build a Tub-Style Mechanical Chicken Plucker (Amazon), the book that makes the dream of owning a mechanical plucker an [...]

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