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The Ham Daiquiri, a 'Violent Storm of Pig Meat and Fruit'

As a followup to their now-infamous McNuggetini, Georgia Hardstark and Alie Ward released a new video featuring their latest concoction: the Ham Daiquiri, a drink that combines pineapple, pineapple soda, honey, Jamaican rum, liquid smoke, and honey ham. All blended together into what they call a "violent storm of pig meat and fruit." To no [...]

Videos from PopTech's Edible Futures: Michael Pollan, Will Allen, Marije Vogelzang

Here are a few videos from PopTech's October 24th "Edible Futures" series featuring Michael Pollan; Will Allen, the urban-farming expert and organizer; and eating-designer Marije Vogelzang. This particular talk by Pollan included his controversial claim (that was immediately debunked) that "A vegan in a Hummer has a lighter carbon footprint than a beef-eater in a [...]

The Commercials Miracle Whip Aired During The Colbert Report [video]

In response to Stephen Colbert's merciless mocking of their campaign, on Thursday Miracle Whip ran newspaper ads threatening to "dominate the airspace" on his show to expose his viewers to "hardcore Miracle Whip attitude and revelry."
And indeed they did! During Thursday night's episode of The Colbert Report, Miracle Whip ran three new commercials that reworked [...]

Eight Deep-Fried Turkey Disaster Videos [you're doing it wrong]

Under the sparkle and shine of every holiday lurks a certain amount of evil: The 4th of July has fireworks accidents, Christmas has decorative light electrical fires, Valentine's Day has awkward romantic gestures. Thanksgiving should be safe, apart from the inherent danger of simply being around your relatives for a full day. Safe, that is, [...]

Colbert: The Future of Print Media Is Hamburgers

Forget paper! And forget iPhones or Kindles or iTablets or whatever: Last night on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert proposed a new format that'll save printed media: fried food, or more specifically, hamburgers:
On Monday the SF Chronicle became the first general interest news daily to print on high-quality glossy paper... But I am wagging my [...]

'Pasta Sauna' by Marije Vogelzang at Performa 09

Photographs: Raphael Brion / Eat Me Daily
"Pasta Sauna" is the latest food art installation by Dutch “eating-designer" Marije Vogelzang that ran last week as part of Performa 09, the third edition of the biennial of new visual art performance in New York City. Similar in spirit to a regular sauna, but instead of hot [...]

Jay Leno Parodies Gordon Ramsay

In this video clip "Other Shows Pitched to Jay: Jay's Kitchen," Jay Leno does a super-angry Gordon Ramsay impression, burning some poor cook's hands. His British accent, however, could use some work, sounding more like Arnold Schwarzenegger than anything.

Milk Men: A Mad Men Parody

Here's a pretty exceptional four-minute parody of Mad Men by Sidecar Comedy for called Milk Men in which "milk is delivered, passions run deep, and it all looks like the 60s."

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