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'Cake' Fashion Video [food art]

Still via today and tomorrow
Cake is a fashion video — a sort of long form commercial, but artier — directed by Stephen Blaise for Fly 16x9. The 20 minute long videos (which are cut from a 4 hour and 18 minute installation piece) feature models wearing designer clothing meticulously devouring entire cakes. The videos comment [...]

New The Most Interesting Man In the World Commercials [video]

He's back! No, not Eric Ripert, the real

Tool Academy Grocery Store Shenanigans [video]

In this clip from last night's episode of "Tool Academy," the tool-testants are sent to a grocery store to shop for a meal they're supposed to prepare for their partners — and end up completely trashing the store and shotgunning beers.
The only thing worse than their grocery-store manners are their cooking skills, as evidenced [...]

Lady Gaga's Telephone Video: Let's Make a Sandwich

As promised, Lady Gaga's new video is full of culinary surprises: Wonder Bread, Miracle Whip, and murder. Gaga, imprisoned in the most fashionable jail we've ever seen, is sprung by Beyonce only to make haste to a diner where they poison Tyrese and all the diner's patrons. Gaga's "Cook'n'Kill" recipe calls for rat poison, meta-cyanide, [...]

Food Packaging Monster Attacks French Supermarket [video]

How much food packaging is too much? Two French commercials duke it out over this question with pretty goofy results. In the first video, a commercial for European Waste Reduction Week (site in French) aims to persuade consumers to make conscious packaging decisions at the supermarket and features a man being stalked by a giant [...]

Marketing Junk Food: Hey Kid, Eat This [videos]

Photograph: Ads of the World
The Washington, D.C.-based Center for Science in the Public Interest has analyzed 128 food and entertainment companies on how they market to children, and most came up way short. Though McDonald's only scored a C-, it did better than most companies in the study. Mars Inc. came out on top with [...]

Trailer for Le Grand Chef: Kimchi War [video]

Here's the trailer for Le Grand Chef: Kimchi War, currently playing in theaters. The prequel to the 2007 film Le Grand Chef, Kimchi War follows two chefs competing in a culinary contest created to popularize kimchi outside of Korea, and was based on a graphic novel. Although the trailer speaks the universal language of food [...]

Logorama Wins Oscar for Best Animated Short Film [video]

Logorama, an animated film that takes place in a Los Angeles composed entirely of corporate logos, was the big winner in the Best Animated Short Film category at last night's Academy Awards. Featuring a Quentin Tarantino-esque criminal plot, the film includes many food brands, including a Pringles man truck driver and an evil Ronald McDonald. [...]

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