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Stop-Motion Vegetable Nativity Scene by Robyn Hitchcock [video]

From the artist/songwriter/musician Robyn Hitchcock comes "The Day Before Boxing Day," the nativity scene reimagined using vegetables and stop-motion video, featuring a droning soundtrack presumably penned by Hitchcock himself.

Shawn Johnson Does a Backflip Over a Speeding Bobsled to Promote a Candy Bar [video]

In this video for Nestlé Crunch, Olympian Shawn Johnson does a backflip over a speeding bobsled. (This is one way to mash up the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics.) As to what this has to do with Nestlé Crunch, there's something about her being on Team Crispies and Speedskater Apolo Ohno being on Team [...]

Heston Blumenthal's Mad Scientist Christmas Dinner [video, wtf-xmas]

In the hour-long 2007 BBC special Heston Blumenthal's Perfect Christmas, Blumenthal reimagines a Christmas dinner but with his own modernized approach. The menu includes a dish made from gold, frankincense, and myrrh; a flaming sorbet that doesn't melt; a sous-vide confit smoked goose breast with chestnut veloute, chestnut smoke, and a goose skin cracker; [...]

Will Ferrell in Elf Really Loves Maple Syrup and Sugar [video, wtf-xmas]

In the delightful 2003 film Elf, Will Ferrell plays Buddy, the adult human who as a child was raised by elves at the North Pole. And he's completely and utterly addicted to sugar. "We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup," he says as he [...]

The Mountain Dew Christmas Tree [wtf-xmas]

If you happen to have 400 Mountain Dew cans, some lights, and PVC pipe laying around, you too can make your very own six-foot tall Mountain Dew Christmas tree. Also, the star is a giant light bulb inside a two-liter bottle. The creators also posted a behind-the-scenes video:

Pizza Pit's Creepy 'Let It Snow' Commercial [video, wtf-xmas]

Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to present to you the 1970s "Let It Snow" Pizza Pit commercial from Madison, Wisconsin. Yes, this probably cost about $50 to make. Yes, that is a toy pizza delivery car. Yes, that snow is flour. Yes, the children singing are a little creepy, especially at the end, when they [...]

Sandra Lee's Nintendo Wii Commercial [video, wtf-xmas]

In this commercial with Sandra Lee shilling for the Nintendo Wii, she says: "The party's in the living room, so I've got my easy-to-make spicy fries and yummy caramel corn for a hungry crew ready for some fun. We love Nintendo's Wii Sports Resort games. Fun to play and fun to watch."
And we just [...]

Fruitcake on Pee Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special [video, wtf-xmas]

View larger.
The triple-Emmy-nominated Christmas special Pee Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special (Amazon) is by far one of the most astonishing things we've ever seen, offering up a literal parade of stars (Frankie Avalon, Whoopi Goldberg, Joan Rivers, Charo, Del Rubio Triplets, Annette Funicello, Magic Johnson, Dinah Shore, Grace Jones, Oprah Winfrey, k.d. lang, Little Richard, and [...]

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