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Fattening Up for Winter: Gravy and Béarnaise on a Steak [video]

Of note from the hour-long special Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives: A North Pole Christmas (that had Guy Fieri in Alaska visiting a whole bunch of restaurants) was the Elf's Den, a Christmas-themed restaurant in North Pole, Alaska. One of the featured dishes was the beef tenderloin filet (tournedos) that's first grilled, then breaded in panko [...]

Martha Stewart and Jimmy Fallon Make Croquembouches, Dick Jokes on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon [video]

Last night, Martha Stewart visited Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and 'tis the season to make croquembouches on late night shows (we guess). But there was maybe a little more sexual innuendo than we were comfortable with:
Jimmy: What are you doing for New Year's Eve? Are you partying down?
Martha: I'm going to Bangkok.
Jimmy: You're gonna [...]

How Candy Canes Are Made [video]

We were curious: How exactly are candy canes made? A couple of weeks ago we posted a video of the old-school candy cane-making technique still employed at the retro Candy Kitchen in Disneyland, but how is it made today, in volume? We found a great video from the Discovery Channel showing how it's done, and [...]

Kim Kardashian in Improbable Salad Porn, Courtesy of Carl's Jr. [video]

Burger porn is too easy. Been there, done that. So very 2009. Leave it to Carl's Jr. to hyper-sexualize... a salad. With the help of Kim Kardashian writhing around, barely clothed, on a bed and, not clothed at all, in a bubble bath, eating various ostensibly healthful ingredients. (Specifically: an apple slice dipped in a [...]

Brittany Murphy in The Ramen Girl [movies, video]

Brittany Murphy (RIP) starred in the 2008 film The Ramen Girl (Amazon), playing Abby, an American dumped by her boyfriend in Tokyo who finds her true calling: to make ramen. Brittany Murphy was actually pretty well-cast as a whiny privileged expat determined to learn the way of the noodle from the tyrannical master ramen [...]

David Letterman Drives the $25,000 Cupcake Car, Attempts to Destroy Christmas Tree [video]

Last night on The Late Show With David Letterman, Letterman got a chance to test-drive a $25,000 four-foot by four-foot chocolate cupcake car. "If you buy it, it comes with a helmet that reads [bleep]." Once he got the hang of it, he went on a destructive rampage, using the cupcake car to repeatedly slam [...]

Molecular Mixologist Claire Smith on The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien [video]

Last night on The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien, the Molecular Mixologist Claire Smith paid a visit to teach Conan how to mix some drinks. As expected, hilarity ensues. Conan starts the show by asking the tough questions:
Conan: "So you have actual knowledge of chemistry, is that right?"
Claire: "Well, knowledge, yes, kind of."
Conan: "You just [...]

Jersey Shore: Lighting Charcoal in a Gas Grill Is a Bad Idea [fire safety tips]

From last week's episode of MTV's Jersery Shore: Mike ("The Situation") Sorrentino is cooking up a big family dinner and asks Pauly D to fire up the grill, who then lights charcoal in the gas grill. Bad idea: "Yeah this is a problem right now. We could possibly blow up right now." They're lucky there [...]

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