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London Skyline Recreated With Fruit and Vegetables

Back in November, Carl Warner (responsible for many of the foodscape photographs you may have come across) was commissioned by the Good Food channel in the UK to make an edible version of the London skyline. The Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral, and the Gherkin all get the [...]

Mid-90s Dairy Education: Milk Is Word [video]

This pseudo-educational video on the dairy industry from the mid-90s, re-edited by the fine folks at Everything Is Terrible, includes pretty much everything you'd expect from such a thing: a laugh track, hideous denim, crazy neon effects, a rap about the positive effects of drinking milk, cameos by Joey Lawrence and Gary Busey, a dance [...]

Making Candy Canes in Disneyland on Guy's Disney Holiday

Dare we say it: Guy's Disney Holiday was actually pretty good. We had feared a painful infomercial, but instead it was sort of an extra-long episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri inside the kitchens and restaurants of Disneyland. Avoiding the processed food, Fieri checks out the some old school food that Disneyland [...]

Stephen Colbert on the Windows 7 Whopper [video]

Unclear why Stephen Colbert tackled Burger King Japan's Windows 7 Whopper last night... it's old news from October, but Colbert both tipped his hat to it and wagged his finger "for offering this burger only in Japan. America would be the perfect place for the Windows 7 Whopper. This is an appetizer in many parts [...]

Please Explain the 'Potato Chip' Skit from Saturday Night Live

We've watched this a few times now, and we can't make sense of this "Potato Chip" skit from this weekend's Saturday Night Live. Jason Sudeikis playing a Colonel Sanders-type? Applying to be an astronaut so he could "dance around the moon in a puffy suit" and drink Tang? Was it just so he and Will [...]

'Die Burger' by The Bruce High Quality Foundation at Art Basel Miami Beach

Photograph: Elizabeth Jones / Eat Me Daily
In the piece "Die Burger" by the Broooklyn-based artist collective The Bruce High Quality Foundation at Art Basel Miami Beach, the "meat" is made of felt, the "cheese" is lard, and the "buns" are from Burger King. The video on the screen is a reworking of the video of [...]

Alie & Georgia Present: The Bloody Bacon & Cheese

The Bloody Bacon & Cheese is the latest concoction from Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark, the creators of the McNuggetini. Bringing together the "comforts of condensed tomato soup with the warmth of hard alcohol," the recipe imbues tomato soup with horseradish, garlic salt, and black pepper, combined with a healthy dose of sun-dried tomato-infused vodka. [...]

McRib Commercial 1989 [caption contest]

As if the visuals weren't creepy enough, the voiceover on this McDonald's McRib commercial from 1989 says: "A big slice of pork in a sassy sauce, tempting huh? Like a barbecue in a bun without the bones. And with a big icy Coke, well, you're only human, huh daddy? CHOMP."
We're doing a caption contest on [...]

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