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Shirt Pocket Sausage on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito) has a genius strategy to satisfy his sausage cravings without getting his fingers greasy: He keeps a few links in his shirt pocket: "But I don't touch the sausage links. Why should I do that when I can let my shirt do the work?" he says as he chomps down. "Watch."

Julia Child on Late Night with David Letterman (1987)

Here's a video of a cooking segment with Julia Child on Late Night with David Letterman from 1987. When the electric burner doesn't work, she improvises and instead makes beef tartare. And then she breaks out the blowtorch. Sample exchange:
Letterman: Have you ever cooked something that just turned out awful? What do you do [...]

Jon Stewart on Lab-Grown Meat

First equating it with the invention of fire or space travel, when Jon Stewart finds out where lab-grown meat actually comes from, he changes his mind a bit: "Yes, to be clear, the meat, while totally great, is not yet good enough for sausage. It is five years away from being anus-grade pork. God knows [...]

'Rotating Kitchen' by Zeger Reyers

The Dutch artist Zeger Reyers' installation "Rotating Kitchen" is a kitchen that rotates slowly and will continue to do so through February, its objects let loose in the containing cube. It's part of the program "Eating the Universe. Food in Art." at Germany’s Kunsthalle Düsseldorf that features a whole series of exhibits, performances, and lectures [...]

The Freedom Tray: Only in America

America! Land of fast food! Land of invention! The Freedom Tray, according to their website, is a "revolutionary food and beverage tray." (Really it's just a plastic tray with retractable legs that lets you carry tons of food to and fro.) So other than having a flag-like logo printed on it, what does it [...]

Martha Stewart and Rachel Maddow Talk Afghanistan, Make Croquembouches

When Rachel Maddow visits the Martha Stewart Show, a heady mix of politics and pastry-making ensues. Says Martha: "It's hard to talk politics, it's hard to talk administrative problems, it's hard to talk Afghanistan while you're making a croquembouche." Indeed it is, but somehow they managed to glance over the subject and complete their towers [...]

Hot Octogenarian-on-Ice-Cream Action

This commercial features a older women salaciously digging into ice cream cones in slow motion, and right at the end, up comes text that reads, "Vanilla is the most erotic scent to older men" and Science World's logo with the tagline: “We can explain." Because it's a promo for the hands-on science center Science [...]

NYC Subway Car Full of Apples [video]

Here's a PSA for City Harvest in which a New York City subway train opens its doors and releases a few hundred thousand apples onto the platform (it's CGI, don't worry). It's supposed to serve as a reminder that food is wasted every day. Made by The Mill NY for Draftfcb New York. Shoot Online [...]

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