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New York Media Takes On VVM For National Food Blog Domination

It looks like there's new and invigorated regional food blog competition brewing between New York Media and Village Voice Media. NYM staked their claim to a national food media empire with their 2008 acquisition of MenuPages and its associated blog network — if the job listings are to be believed, a network that will soon [...]

Scammers Impersonate Village Voice Critics

The Village Voice's dining blog Fork in the Road reports that a pair of would-be scammers are hustling New York City restaurants, claiming to be VV food critics:
Colandrea New Corner Restaurant, the Dyker Heights red-sauce joint reviewed by Sietsema last week, got a surprise visit by two "Italian-looking guys claiming to be Village Voice food [...]

Village Voice Meat Cover Art for Feature on Kosher Empire Implosion [food art]

We totally dug the cover art of last week's Village Voice for the feature The Fall of the House of Rubashkin. The art, for some reason, doesn't appear online.

Robert Sietsema's First Blog Post

Sarah DiGregorio warned us it was going to happen, and here it is: Village Voice food expert Robert Sietsema dropped his first blog post, I, Locavore -- Part One, about his going locavoric:
I set out to see what local products are still available in regular supermarkets, ignoring such other considerations as organic status and humane [...]

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