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Alie & Georgia Present: The Bloody Bacon & Cheese

The Bloody Bacon & Cheese is the latest concoction from Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark, the creators of the McNuggetini. Bringing together the "comforts of condensed tomato soup with the warmth of hard alcohol," the recipe imbues tomato soup with horseradish, garlic salt, and black pepper, combined with a healthy dose of sun-dried tomato-infused vodka. [...]

Prairie Vodka, Greener Than Thou

This is a bottle of Prairie Vodka:

It's certified organic and kosher, distilled from corn gathered from a Minnesota farming co-op, and "packaged in a recyclable glass bottle, packed in a kraft cardboard box made from sustainable forest wood pulp, and uses organic inks on the labels." As if that's not enough, they even put the [...]

Bacon-Infused Vodka from the Onion's AV Club

The Onion's AV Club does their weekly Taste Test, so we don't have to. This week they try home-made bacon-infused vodka: "There's really no need to dirty up such a clean-tasting cocktail with the brackish essence of salty meat."

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