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Who the Hell Is Jean-Christophe Novelli?

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If you were bored and channel surfing at around 11pm Monday night you might have come across Bravo’s latest addition to its foodie lineup: Chef Academy. A supposedly non-competitive show (though if you fail three tests you will be kicked off), it's hosted by the pouty, perfectly coiffed, very French Jean-Christophe Novelli, a [...]

Who the Hell Is Kelly Choi? [biographies]

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Last Wednesday we all finally got our reality cooking show fix when Bravo rolled out Top Chef Masters. Hooray, we thought, real chefs! Real food! Here come Hubert Keller and Tim Love! James Oseland, Gael Greene, and Jay Rayner as judges! And Kelly Choi! Wait ... huh? Who? Yeah, we didn’t know who [...]

Who the Hell Is Jay Rayner?

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On June 10th Bravo will premiere Top Chef Masters, a cooking competition that pits celebrity chefs against each other in a battle to win a $100,000 donation to the charity of their choice. A decidedly more professional show than its predecessor (don’t hold your breath for any furtive chef on chef action between [...]

Who the Hell Is Marco Pierre White?

Marco Pierre White is taking the helm of NBC's upcoming Top Chef ripoff, Chopping Block, a curious choice to head up a reality show. White is known at least as much for his aggressive chain smoking, his three tumultuous marriages, and his extraordinarily abusive personality as he is for his cooking. That is, when he's [...]

Who the Hell Is Toby Young?

Metromix ran a Q&A the other day with Top Chef guest judge, Toby Young. I'm not surprised that it's a big old softball — Bravo's PR machine doesn't allow any room to criticize or question the network's often inexplicable choices of guest judge (remember when Debra Messing was the final judge on season one of [...]

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