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Whole Foods: Not a Money-Making Machine

FastCompany reports on the dismal state of morally upright grocery behemoth Whole Foods:
The bottom line for Whole Foods in the months of July, August, and September?
$1.5 million in total profit.
Whole Foods has 278 stores, and its fourth quarter ran 12 weeks. A little math, and you quickly discover that each store made profit of $449.64 [...]

Chow Complains About Whole Foods

Chow's complaints read like something out of White Whine. See #3: "Was it my imagination, or did Whole Foods used to give out free cheese samples?"

Whole Foods' Take on the Chicago Dog [video]

Whole Foods has made a video to teach us all how to make a perfect Chicago-style hot dog. The rules of the Chicago dog are as strictly regimented as Italian DOC pizza regulations, and yet in this video the good folks at Whole Foods sub in banana peppers for the non-negotiable sport peppers. Why? Because [...]

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