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Sandra Lee's Nintendo Wii Commercial [video, wtf-xmas]

In this commercial with Sandra Lee shilling for the Nintendo Wii, she says: "The party's in the living room, so I've got my easy-to-make spicy fries and yummy caramel corn for a hungry crew ready for some fun. We love Nintendo's Wii Sports Resort games. Fun to play and fun to watch."
And we just [...]

Upcoming: Food Network's Cook or Be Cooked Video Game

Coming November 3, 2009 is the Food Network's Cook or Be Cooked video game by Namco for the Nintendo Wii ($39.99, preorder at Amazon). Cook or Be Cooked appears to a more "professional" version of the Cooking Mama series of games, but it really couldn't go any lower than the trainwreck that was Iron Chef [...]

Review: Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine Game for the Nintendo Wii [video]

I got an early Christmas present the other day — a copy of Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine for the Nintendo Wii. Trailers on the web had it clearly ripping off game design elements from the Cooking Mama series, in which players go through a series of tasks to create a final dish. Cooking Mama [...]

Food Video Game Mega Roundup Post

I'm not going to waste my time (or yours) making separate posts for all of these games. So here's a mega roundup of recently- and soon-to-be- released video games that are all based around food. Exciting!
1. What's Cooking? Jamie Oliver (Nintendo DS) (official website)

"What's Cooking? Jamie Oliver is a fun and interactive cooking game featuring [...]

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