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Food Network Directly Rips Off Dirty Jobs [video]

Left: Dirty Jobs, 2006. Right: Will Work For Food, 2009
Last week, in our review of Will Work For Food, we called it out as a clone of Dirty Jobs. But last night's episode, only the second episode so far (!), was a direct and total rip-off. Adam Gertler went geoduck harvesting in Puget Sound, and [...]

New Show Review: Food Network's Will Work For Food with Adam Gertler [video]

Oh Food Network. First you go and rip off Top Chef, making your own variation of it and calling it Chopped. And now you go ahead and rip off of Dirty Jobs, make it food-only, and call it Will Work For Food. Jim Jarmusch might have said "It's not where you take it from — [...]

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