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Wine, Spilled: Carménère

Photograph: 2create
Welcome to Wine, Spilled, a new weekly column in which EMD's Justine Sterling shares the myths, legends, tall tales, and short stories of the wine world, and recommends a couple bottles that won't break the bank. Today's wine: Carménère.
Say you’ve been invited to a dinner party. Being the polite, caring person that you are [...]

Drink 'n' Stick Pin-up Wine Labels

Photographs via writegirl on Flickr and Some Young Punks.
The labels for the Drink 'n' Stick wine by Some Young Punks feature a Bettie Page-esque pin-up girl in lingerie and comes with a sheet of plastic adhesive paper doll-style clothes. Check out a photoset on Flickr to see different permutations. [via Bevlaw]

The Wine Opus, The $1 Million Wine Book

Photo via ldandersen on Flickr

Publisher Kraken Opus — whose slogan is "The most luxurious series of publications ever created" — has announced that they'll be publishing a book on wine that will retail for an astounding $1 million.
The book, weighing 66 pounds, will highlight the top 100 wineries in the world and come with six [...]

Conan Visits a Vineyard in Napa Valley - Classic Late Night with Conan O'Brien [video]

Conan O'Brien is getting all nostalgic — he's scheduled to leave Late Night on February 20th — so he's running classic pieces from his older shows. Here's a seven-minute clip of Conan visiting Spring Mountain Vineyard in Napa Valley, California. Hijinks!

CRU by Sebastian Bergne at the Aram Gallery, London [food art]

Geo Cork, Sebastian Bergne
"CRU" is a show by industrial designer Sebastian Bergne that opened November 28th at the Aram Gallery in London, England. Focusing on wine culture, the show features "new designs for transporting, storing, serving and enjoying new ways of consuming wine."
The Geo Cork, above, is a "small multi pin element that joins [...]

Visualizing Wine

This visualization shows the relationship between wine varieties and flavor components, culling "descriptive flavor words" from over 5,000 published wine tasting notes from a wine magazine. Bacon is one of the descriptive words in the graph, but not one wine tastes like bacon. Mmmm bacon wine.

Vicktory Dogs Wine Labels Feature Paintings of Michael Vick's Pit Bulls

From the Dog Lovers Wine Club: "A two-case set celebrating 22 of the dogs rescued from Michael Vicks' property last year by Best Friends Animal Society. Currently the wine type is Tempranillo, a medium-to-bold red wine." $40 / bottle, proceeds go to charity. The SF Gate has more info:
The story, according to the release, is [...]

Vin de Merde

BBC News has a video on "Vin de Merde," aka "crap wine," a branding / marketing / publicity stunt by winemakers in France's Languedoc region. And it worked! It's sold out.

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