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Basking Sharks Go OM NOM NOM

Photograph from Wired
What now? Wired's Science blog ran a post about the recent discovery of the winter habits of basking sharks. Basking sharks, if you didn't know, "can grow up to 33 feet long and weigh more than a Hummer H1... It swims at about three miles per hour with its four-foot-wide mouth gaping open, [...]

Wired's Artifacts From the Future: Happy Meal from 2013

Wired magazine returns with their "Artifacts From the Future" feature with a photo gallery of a Happy Meal from 2013. The box has a cigarette pack-like health warning, U-Flavr Coke with a "squeeze bulb that lets you fine-tune the level of high fructose cherry flavoring," a free sample of chewable Flintstones Ritalin, and Vat-Grown Kobe [...]

Meatwad Reveals His Origins

Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, in an interview with Wired, reveals his origins: Do you remember the animal(s) from which you were originally ground?
Meatwad: I've got a tough side, and a sweet side, like Mr. T. So they probably ground up some mighty beasts, like two lions and a cobra. Then something cute. A [...]

Science Supersized Your Turkey Dinner

Wired runs a piece on the scientific modification of our Thanksgiving dinner, focusing on the sugar levels of corn and the size of turkeys:
Most everything on your plate has undergone tremendous genetic change under the intense selective pressures of industrial farming. Pilgrims and American Indians ate foods called corn and turkey, but the actual organisms [...]

New Word: Cowpooling

Wired's "Jargon Watch" defines it:
Cowpooling v. Teaming up with neighbors to buy a whole cow from a local farm. It's then divvied up as T-bones and sirloins butchered to order. The practice is fashionable with urban locavores who want to eschew feedlot-raised, hormone-laced, corn-stuffed meat.

Artificial Mouth Can Taste if Something Has a Flavor

Wired reports on what they're calling the Bitebot, an artificial mouth developed by French engineers that can simulate "the conditions inside a human maw—from the saliva to the grinding motion—and then whisks away the compounds for analysis."

Goats: The Urban Lawnmower [video]

From Wired's comes a video on how "cities are turning to a rugged biological machine: the goat."

Wired's Contest to Make Art From Starbucks Junk

Wired magazine has a contest to see what people can make out stuff from Starbucks. People are asked upload images and their instructions, to be featured in an online gallery at a later date. The competition seems stiff, with the example above by Wired contributing photographer Dan Winters, a Star Wars TIE Fighter built out [...]

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