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Minds+Machines Settles Online Food Fight with Wolfgang Puck

TLD consulting firm Mind+Machines has settled its $5 million lawsuit against restaurateur Wolfgang Puck and his wife Gelila, Domain Name Wire reports. Minds+Machines sued the Pucks in September over the failed .food domain deal, alleging that Wolfgang Puck had failed to promote .food and that Gelila Puck had become "forceful, abusive, and erratic."
The original lawsuit [...]

CityCenter, the $11 Billion Las Vegas 'Urban Metropolis,' to Feature Celeb Chefs, Evil

Photograph by City Center Las Vegas
The end is nigh, and as we could have guessed, it's going on in Las Vegas. CityCenter, pretty much the craziest development of high-rises ever built this side of Dubai, with claims to be "one of the great urban places of the world," will open in December. A reminder of [...]

Wolfgang Puck's Lawyer Responds to $5 Million Lawsuit, Threatens Countersuit

A couple of days ago we documented the $5 million lawsuit against Wolfgang Puck and his wife Gelila over the failed .food domain deal.
As a followup, Puck's lawyer told the New York Times Diner's Journal blog: "The allegations against the Pucks are false, irresponsible, and legally baseless. The complaint was filed to generate false publicity [...]

Minds+Machines Sues Wolfgang Puck and His Wife for $5 Million Over Failed .food Deal


Oh this is pretty epic: TLD consulting firm Minds+Machines, Top Level Domain Holdings, and Frederick R Krueger, an investor, are suing Wolfgang Puck and his wife over the failed .food domain deal. We were down on the .food top-level domain from the beginning, calling it "a shameless money grab." But now the deal has [...]

Wolfgang Puck's .food Domain Name Money Grab [The Internet]


Wolfgang Puck is in Australia lobbying ICANN (the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers) to register ".food" as a new TLD (top-level domain) — think websites addresses like "".
We call it like we see it: this is a shameless money grab. We don't think the world needs more TLDs, nor do we think [...]

Wolfgang Puck Reads from Romance Novel [video]

Last night's Nightline had a segment on the recent surge in sales of romance novels. As a gag, they had different celebrities read short passages from some of the novels, including Wolfgang Puck.
Sorta cute, Puck with his Austrian accent, reading out loud, "He kissed her with a soft sensuality and stirred every nerve in her [...]

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