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"Asian Flair" and Mainstream Food Media

Photograph: dugspr
In an essay for The Bygone Bureau, Darryll Campbell discusses an unsettling trend in middlebrow cooking: "Asian Flair." Used to describe ingredients from a multitude of Asian countries and cultures, "Asian flair" has been used by Rachael Ray, Zagat's and even Coolio to describe that certain something that takes a dish from boring to [...]

Food Words from the National Spelling Bee: Geusioleptic, Simnel, Palatschinken

Photo AFP/Getty Images

We love the Scripps National Spelling Bee because they always use obscure and hard-to-spell food words, and the finals, which were nationally televised, didn't disappoint. Thirteen-year old Kavya Shivashankar, who won the whole thing, is herself a budding gastronome — in her bio segment she said, "I think the word that best [...]

Towards a Grand Unification of Cutlery

The Ragbag posted this great Venn Diagram: Towards a Grand Unification of Cutlery. Says The Ragbag, "half the fun of hybrid cutlery is the peculiar names."

New Word: Cowpooling

Wired's "Jargon Watch" defines it:
Cowpooling v. Teaming up with neighbors to buy a whole cow from a local farm. It's then divvied up as T-bones and sirloins butchered to order. The practice is fashionable with urban locavores who want to eschew feedlot-raised, hormone-laced, corn-stuffed meat.

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