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The Music of Seal... on Ice [wtf video]

New Year's Day witnessed one of the oddest "synergies" ever broadcast on television: Seal, singing live, with former ice skating stars Kristi Yamaguchi and Brian Boitano skating along. The icing on the cake, however, was Yamaguchi insincerely promoting apple sauce made by the show's sponsor. File under WTF.

Paula Deen's Snowman Made Out of Butter [video]

Paula's Party is completely unwatchable unless you're on some serious pain medication. Luckily we were! We managed to catch the show this weekend, where she had a snowman made out of butter.
In one of the few cases of censorship on the Food Network we can imagine, guest Danny Boone (of Rescue Chef) had his words [...]

My Little Pony's Milkshake Brings All the Mustangs to the Yard

The actual product description for the My Little Pony Ponyville Ice Cream Shake Diner Playset, with no embellishment whatsoever:
My Little Pony Ponyville Ice Cream Shake Diner Playset Description:
* Scootaloo's milkshake brings all the mustangs to the yard
* And they're like, it's better than yours

A Poodle, Groomed to Be a Chicken

From the Sandy Paws Grooming Shop comes Cindy the poodle, groomed to be a chicken, titled "Cock a Poodle Doo." This won the 2005 Barkleigh First Place & Peoples Favorite Award at the Groom and Kennel Expo 2005 in Burbank, California.

Howie Mandel Demeans Women in 'Deal or No Deal' Thanksgiving Eating Contest [video]

On this past Friday's episode of Deal or No Deal, host Howie Mandel cheered on the case models as they Kobayashi'd their way through piles of Thanksgiving food.
Let it never be said that models don't eat. Or that Howie Mandel is a man above grabbing a chick by the hair and moving her face up [...]

Sarah Palin Ignores Turkey Slaughter Behind Her During Interview [video]

To celebrate Thanksgiving, Sarah Palin pardoned a turkey at a processing plant. Afterwards, Palin took part in an interview, while a turkey butcher slaughtered turkeys in the background. According the MSNBC, the photographer asked Palin if she wanted such a gruesome scene as a backdrop, and she replied, "No worries."
Gotta love MSNBC's captions: "Turkey Killing [...]

Tastespotting WTF

Title of the submission reads: "Are You a Peppercorn Racist?"

Zagat Costume [WTF]

Spotted at the Tastings NYC event. I still can't figure out why Zagat thought this might have been a good idea — brand awareness? Or maybe they thought a blogger would see it, take a picture, and then write a post about it. But they're not that savvy.
A hearty WTF.

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