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New York Times Magazine Suggests $95 Handmade Bowls to "Eliminate That Kitsch Factor"

FYI: The New York Times graphic had blurry text.
This is one of those WTF moments. The November 8th, 2008 issue of the New York Times Magazine had Amanda Hesser doing one of the recipe reduxes, where she revisits a recipe for Green Goddess Salad from 1948 — even April Bloomfield nicely makes a guest appearance.
There's [...]

Britney Spears Twitters About an Ice Cream Sandwich

Britney Spears doesn't say whether or not the ice cream sandwich is necessarily any good, but she just wanted to let you know that you, too, can eat the same ice cream sandwich she did, but in the third person.
Earlier: Britney Spears’ ‘Womanizer’ [video]

Unruly Crowd Eats Attempt at Record-Breaking Ostrich Sandwich

BBC News reports from Iran (with video):
About 1,500 cooks used 1,000kg (2,200lbs) of ostrich meat to make the 1,500m (4,920ft) long sandwich.
The organisers hope those world-beating dimensions will be enough to earn a place in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest ostrich sandwich ever...
The sandwich drew crowds of onlookers, and some reports said [...]

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