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Steak on Pitchforks Cooked in a Cauldron of Fat on Jamie's American Road Trip [video]

Here's something we've never even heard of: In the latest episode of Jamie's American Roadtrip, Jamie Oliver was in Wyoming and Montana to play cowboy, and he comes across what's known as Pitchfork Fondue or Pitchfork Steak: steaks skewered on pitchforks dipped into boiling fat (usually suet) in a large kettle over an open flame. [...]

New York City's Moondance Diner Finds a Home in Wyoming

The Daily News files a report on the historic Moondance Diner that, after 74 years in lower Manhattan, ended up in LaBarge, Wyoming, "a town with no stoplights, two police officers, five churches and an outdoor rodeo arena." It's the town's only full-time restaurant.

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