Eat Me Daily has been cited and linked to by fine publications including Eater, Gawker, NYT Diner's Journal, NYT City Room, Boing Boing, CNN, and the Chicago Tribune.


Fimoculous: One of the 30 Best Blogs of 2009.

Christian Science Monitor: "one of my favorite sources of cookbook reviews."

Robb Walsh: "It's a snarky smart food blog"

Craig "Meathead" Goldwyn: The Best Food & Drink Websites (Dec. 09): Eat Me Daily is amazed, puzzled, and bemused by culture, especially food culture, including media, cookbooks, art, design, celebrity, fashion, robots, and cookery.

Ben Leventhal: "Eat Me Daily is the best thing to happen to food blogging in a year."

Obama Foodorama: "one of the best food culture sites on the internet."

Addie Broyles, The Statesman's Austin 360: "I’m addicted to... Eat Me Daily."

NotionsCapital, Blogs With Bite. Also.

Slate calls EMD "witty observers"

The Feedbag: "They seem to be aware of everything that’s going on, in every medium, with food art."

Nylon Magazine: Site of the day July 10th 2009: "A fun and sometimes fascinating way to talk about food (mmm, food)."

Big Money: "entertaining, subversive."

Houston Press: "Eat Me Daily? That's not one of those food publications that arrives in a plain brown wrapper, is it?"


Kate Hopkins, Accidental Hedonist: "I'm of the belief that the more we take these sites seriously, the more likely we'll regress in our collective food knowledge."

Chow: "The unfortunately named food blog Eat Me Daily"

Business Insider: "The horribly named Web site, Eat Me Daily"

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