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Embroidered Wonder Bread [food art]

Image: Catherine McEver
Artist Catherine McEver uses an unexpected medium for her embroidery projects: Wonder Bread. Working "very, very carefully," she stitches the colorful floss into scenes from nature (chicken, fish, flowers), and an homage to Van Gogh's "Starry Night." If you're thinking these pieces are some sort of commentary on temporality, think again: says McEver, [...]

Filioppo Ioco's Fun Foods at the World Erotic Art Museum [food art]

Filioppo Ioco, "Butter Top"
An edible art exhibit? Sounds great. An edible art exhibit at the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami? Even better. Renowned body painter, Filioppo Ioco's fine art exhibit Fun Foods (warning: Flash site) focuses on the body as a delicacy. The exhibit features photos depicting nude models rolled into tasty treats and [...]

How To Cook Everything By Jennifer L. Knox [What?]

Photograph via The Hypothetical Library
What kind of wedding present do you get for the couple who has everything (or whose wedding you forgot about)? You can do what poet Jennifer L. Knox did and give them a copy of Mark Bittman's How To Cook Everything (buy it) with Bittman's name scratched out and your own [...]

Jan Švankmajer's Stop-Motion Short Film Food [videos]

Still from Lunch.
Ready to watch something pretty weird? Famous for his stop-motion animation, Czech director Jan Švankmajer's 1992 short film Food depicts three restaurant meals and the diners who eat them. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner feature people dying and coming back to life, eating non-food items like utensils and tablecloths, and practicing cannibalism and [...]

The EMD Guide to Food from the 1950s: Food Styling and Cookbook Art

Ham from The Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook, 1950. Scan: Eat Me Daily
The 1950s were a crossover period for cookbooks, when graphics were about half hand-drawn illustrations and half super-saturated photographs, such as the one above. If the aesthetic appears rather commercial to you, that's no mistake: many of the cookbooks from this era were produced [...]

High Style at the Brooklyn Museum, Part 2 [food art]

Photograph: Adam Robb / Eat Me Daily
Eight works of modern art served as Jennifer Rubell's inspiration for the meal at last night's Brooklyn Ball. Following the food artist's Futurism-inspired Performa 09 dinner, this time she provided guests with everything from a Champagne tinkling take on Dadaism to a crushing self-portrait of a pop art icon. [...]

High Style at the Brooklyn Museum, Part 1 [food art]

The Andy Warhol Pinata before his beating. Photograph: Adam Robb / Eat Me Daily
Last night at the Brooklyn Museum the worlds of art, food and fashion united to celebrate High Style with a dinner curated by Jennifer Rubell, whose food-art installations have redefined benefit dinners. Below, we dish on who was there, what they did, [...]

William Pettit's Meat Paintings [food art]

William Pettit
Hopefully you're reading Top of the Food Chain, one of our newer columns in which Ryan Adams discusses the particulars of different cuts of meat. Artist William Pettit certainly is, and noticed something peculiar about them: the photos we use the illustrate the specific variations on the cuts, which come from an out of [...]

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